Activity 1 | Activity 2 | Activity 3 | Assessment:

Activity 1

View the powerpoint and take notes on the major points presented:

Activity 2

Each group of two chooses one of the following images of macroorganisms from rivers to identify. Use the powerpoint or the following keys to help you.

Au_Sable_River_macroorganisms.jpg Clinton_River_macroorganisms.jpg Coles_Creek_macroorganisms.jpg Gilkey_Creek_macroorganisms.jpg

Activity 3

Use the pictures and the key in class to determine the names of the organisms. The number on the picture is how many you collected while using the kick nets in the stream. Follow with the form to evaluate the stream based upon the numbers of the microorganisms collected.


Turn in the names of the organisms from Activity 3, explain what these indicate about the stream (hint: use the powerpoint above) and turn in the rating you give the stream (the number and whether it is fair, poor, or good.)