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Data and information pages

Macroinvertebrates 12
Chemical Data 12
Physical parameters 12
Stream map 12
GPS 12
Invasives 12
Native Trees 12

What to put on your Infographic

1. Macroinvertebrate totals/rating
2. Macroinvertebrate info/pics - why are they important? Facts?
3. Physical parameters numbers/analysis
4. Physical parameters info/pics - why is slope/depth/etc. important? Facts?
5. water chemistry numbers/analysis
6. water chemistry info/pics - why is DO/nitrates/etc. important to know? Facts?
7. Invasives info - what invasives do we see - why are they a problem?
8. Tree info - What makes Jackson Run a good stream (soil, bedrock, other factors discussed)
9. Infographic construction - templates for each section or two people take charge to create for the class

Infographic pages

1st period
3rd period
4th period
6th period