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What to put on your Infographic

1. Macroinvertebrate totals/rating
2. Macroinvertebrate info/pics - why are they important? Facts?
3. Physical parameters numbers/analysis
4. Physical parameters info/pics - why is slope/depth/etc. important? Facts?
5. water chemistry numbers/analysis
6. water chemistry info/pics - why is DO/nitrates/etc. important to know? Facts?
7. Invasives info - what invasives do we see - why are they a problem?
8. Tree info - Poem examples, discuss why trees are important to a watershed
9. Stream map picture
10. Information from Fish ID

How to create the Infographic

Infographic construction - create templates for each section and divide the class to tackle the different parts


2nd period 2013
5th period 2013
7th period 2013