Cloe Lake Summary Statement

Each student individually will write a summary statement that accomplishes the following:
  • Make a statement declaring the health of Jackson Run as poor, fair, or good.
  • Back up your statement with specific data taken from your team pages and what they mean (use the resources to help you or enter a discussion in the discussion tab OF THIS PAGE that can be answered and discussed). A minimum of 2 stations must be discussed to prove your statement.
  • Create a concluding paragraph restating your summary statement.
  • Extra credit option: Find data from other areas or past data from cloe lake from the database to discuss and compare.

Tips for getting a good score:

  • If you are choosing the chemical station as proof, discuss all of the test results(dissolved oxygen, turbidity, alkalinity, iron, pH, nitrates and hardness) and include an interpretation of the results. Discuss what numbers indicate good, fair, poor for each test. Look at all of the stations(11 total and take averages). Throw out numbers that are inappropriate.
  • If you are choosing the macroinvertebrate station as proof, include the data and the interpretation of the data. Look at all of the groups to consider the data. Remember, you have 11 groups to look at.
  • If you are using the physical station as proof, report averages of all of the stations. Show how you came up with the numbers (Show the mathematical calculations). Finish with an interpretation of the data.
  • If you choose the stream mapping station, you will need to include a chart of data, the stream map, and relate how the shape of the stream affects the health of the stream.
  • If you choose forest ecology, you will need to discuss in detail the the facts that you learned and how those facts relate to the health of the watershed.

Summary Statement Grading

Here is what we think we should grade for the wiki work and the summary statement. We think the wiki section needs adjustments made. What do you think?
Jackson Run Watershed Checklist

Summary Statement:
1. Summary statement clearly states health of Jackson Run(5)
2. Data/discussion of 2 or more stations offer proof(20)
3. Conclusion/paragraph includes statement/summary of proof(10)

Wiki Page Creation:
1. Group page task completed with accuracy(10)
2. Discussion started on your topic(5)
3. Comments entered for all discussions for your group or other groups(10)